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This privacy statement explains how Megamed Medical Equipment LLC gathers, processes, stores, sustains, transfers, and erases personal information. We also clarify the procedures that utilise the information and the legal grounds behind it. We will explain how and when we hand over the data to third parties and how personal information is collected. We’ve also taken into account your rights as a data subject and what you should do if you want to submit a complaint regarding your privacy.


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Megamed Medical Equipment LLC employs ‘cookies.’ These cookies are used to store data like user preferences and web pages accessed or retrieved. The information is used to optimize the user experience by tailoring our web page content to visitors’ browser types and/or other factors.


This Privacy Policy outlines the principles that guide our handling of personally identifiable information at Megamed, the medical equipment company in the UAE, and its affiliates nationwide. This Statement applies to all employees and partners with whom we share personal information.

Megamed is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us by our employees, users, suppliers, and clients. We acquire and use personally identifiable information to carry out our management tasks and provide our customers with high-quality healthcare products and services.

The Policy terms apply to personal information about employees, customers, and others who do business with Megamed in any format or medium.

You may find links to other websites, like medical equipment manufacturers, on our website. This Statement does not apply to these websites, and we are not responsible for the privacy terms and conditions of other websites.

Please confirm that you report true information when using our online equipment supply solutions; the information entails your name, destination, contact details, and certification in the case of healthcare units. Megamed is not accountable for the results of your misrepresentation if you provide inaccurate information.

Perspective On Privacy

This privacy quote illustrates how we manage your confidential information and how we meet our statutory duty. As a reputable medical equipment supplier in Dubai, we  make certain that any collection of user data adheres to the following guidelines:

Personal data must be handled legitimately, and impartially with clarity. It must be collected for specific legitimate purposes and must not be manipulated in a manner that is completely at odds with those purposes. However, utilising the information for the public interest documenting, scientific or contextual investigations, or statistical purposes is not considered incompatible with the initial purposes. 

Personally identifiable information must be sufficient, relevant, and bound to the minimum required for the reasons they are collected. Personal information must be accurate and regularly updated; every sensible measure should be taken to verify that inaccurate data are erased or rectified as soon as possible. 

Personal information must be handled confidentially using adequate technical or institutional measures for appropriate security against unauthorized or illegal handling and accidental deletion or ruination.

Individuals To Whom Our Privacy Policy Applies

The Privacy Policy at Megamed, the best medical equipment company in Dubai, applies to you if you happen to perform any of the following procedures:

Third-Party Influences

Megamed probably collaborates with third parties such as service providers and equipment manufacturers to help us achieve our business goals. When Megamed reveals personal information for a genuine reason, we reach an agreement that specifies the objective and necessitates the recipient to keep that personal information confidential and refrain from utilising it for any purpose other than contract administration. In some cases, we are obligated by law to reveal personal data to third parties, such as public authorities. In that case, we’ll be providing the personal data of our customers to the jurisdiction on demand.

However, being a reliable medical equipment supplier in the UAE, Megamed provides external links to other websites (third parties) with whom we might be collaborating for our service objective. Please note that these sites may have their cookies as well. We do not hold any responsibility for the privacy statements depicted by any of those sites. So before accepting cookies at those websites, we request you kindly comprehend them before agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you find it difficult to accept their terms, kindly leave that site and get back to us. Megamed, under no circumstance, accepts responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites.

Log Records

For security and technical reasons like analysing statistical data, we monitor the submitting URLs, the gadget employed for the URL request, and the time of the request. By agreeing to our norms and conditions, you approve such general monitoring. However, Megamed respects the user’s privacy and guarantees the confidentiality of the personally identifiable information provided. The log data is used to identify the trends, manage the site, track user movements on the site, and obtain statistical profiles.

Information Regarding Children

We at Megamed give top priority to the privacy and security of children. Megamed does not intentionally acquire any information from minors. However, if at any instance, the guardian finds that your child has provided his/her information to us without your consent, please contact us to delete the data, if required.

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