Best Medical & Laboratory Equipment Company in UAE

We are the Best Medical & Laboratory Supplier in Dubai, UAE provide world class medical equipment brands and services for diverse domains ranging from medical furniture to advanced radiology devices.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and actively involved in the business of supplying Laboratory, Medical and Surgical equipment, Pharmaceutical products and Disposables. Mega Med  has a strong client base both in the Government and Private Health Care sector. Over the years we have progressively gained the attention and confidence of the main suppliers that seriously take great care in the sales and services. Our goal is to expand Mega med to strategic and effective distributors to work with highly innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality which we were successful in the past. Thereby become the medical equipment provider of all of the Middle East.

Mega Med strives to maximize and realize its objective as one of the respected and acknowledged suppliers in the UAE medical sector. We recognize that we are part of the communities where we do our work, and strive to positively contribute through alliances and volunteerism

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We deliver medical equipment that cater to your mission of providing mankind a noble service.